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    Nope no launcher program included, unless you count the new favorites page thats instead of speed dial. The favorites page lets you link to any program, email address, phone number, or even to SMS someone from it. I know thats not what you're asking but thats the closest that it has. The simulator says nothing about the buttons; it shows a picture of the silk screen buttons, and you have to use those, but yes, on the device there will be a dedicated home buton, and I believe i also so a menu button as well.
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    Maybe I'm just blind or stupid, but where do I download the SDK and simulator from? I checked through and found references to it, but I didn't see it for download anywhere.
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    Same message for me:

    Due to U.S. export law restrictions, this file may not be downloaded at this time.

    If there is anybody who does not care much about these stupid restrictions and mail me the emulator of GSM Treo 600 to I would really appreciate that. Thanx.

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    Following the question how to download - register at HS developer site as a developer and in the development section you will have the link.
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