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    New user with what's probably a dumb question, but:

    Is there a way to "disconnect" from the internet when you're done using it without actually turning the device off?

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    If the application your using doesn't have a disconnect command, go to Prefs and select the Network option. Then click "Disconnect."

    I humbly suggest that you use a more descriptive subject line next time. "Internet" really doesn't say anything about what you were asking.

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    Or switch to an application that does have a disconnect option, such as Blazer. But I wouldn't worry about having to disconnect unless you're suffering from turbo drain.
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    It seems my connection has disconnected itself by itself numerous times today. First time I've seen it.
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    Yanno its a bit annoying having to go into the prefs or blazer to disconnect from the internet. Isn't there some way to assign a system-wide sylus stroke or key command that I can disconnect from any program? Maybe a hack I can adjust to do it?



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