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    This is my second Treo 300. First one I had for 10 days which I backed up the data to my laptop by hot sync. No problem with the first Treo. Second Treo, the one I am using now is a new refurb bought on Ebay which I tried to hot synced the data from the first Treo but never sucessfully. It hangs while syncing the memo and if I hit cancel it hangs on the cancel. It's been 1/2 hour now and it still has not cancelled (I am writing this from another computer). Think I am just going to pull the cable and hope for the best.

    I am not sure if I set up the user name on the second Treo properly. Could that be the problem? Does the user names have to match and where do I check on both the Treo and the laptop?
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    I pulled the sync cable and it did a soft reset. Looks like I lost everthing that is new on the new Treo, including bookmarks, speed dial numbers etc. How do I prevent this from happening again?
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    All the information that was synced with your computer should still be there, and assuming you can get the new Treo to sync correctly, you should be able to recover all or most of that data. I would try again, right after a soft reset.

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