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    I have just recently purchased a treo 300 in anticipation for the treo 600 coming out in the fall.

    Can we start a list of must have software for this device?

    Also, is recoedit still available for download? I cannot find it at all on handspring's site

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    Michael Connick
    The Connected PDA -
  3. #3 - bigger than any commercial encyclopedia and growing all the time. It works very well in Blazer.

    I'd also highly recommend SplashID for secure data storage such as PINs and passwords. I have never found a better secure app for this purpose. is THE best video player and comes with a free desktop encoding application. Bring your DV movies with you.

    Documents To Go from is the best link to Word and Excel IMO. Wordsmith is probably the best link to Word if you dont care about spreadsheets.

    My favorite sources of software are: - look at the favorites and top 50 monthly and all time lists. I also like

    For free books and texts to read and advice on choice of readers:

    The Palm Reader application is pretty useful as a reader plus you can buy many current novels to read on the go or while traveling.

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