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    Hi, I'm the brand new owner of a Treo 300. I love it. But only when it works. The phone portion works splendid. It's the vision that isn't functioning well. I get constant connection failures. And when Blazer struggles to load a site, it can take forever. Also, I sometimes get dialog boxes that say 'recovering from 3g failure'. I dunno. Seems pretty shady for a device this expensive.

    Anyhoo, I updated to 1.21 regrettably before reading about the issues. My PRL is 10018. I hear the newest is 10019. I'm struggling to get things working smoothly, so I'm wondering if this is an issue. So question, how do I upgrade my PRL using *2? What do I say to claire?

    Anybody else having Vision connection problems? Vision doesnt have reception bars. Are the normal bars also used for Vision reception? If so, I have more than adequate (84+ on treo helper) reception.

    Help!! If nothing works, I might ask for a replacement since I have 14 days.
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    Just dial *2, it will do it automatically without talking to anyone.
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    At what point do I hang up. And is 10019 the newest PRL? Thanks!

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