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    I have a 180 and am using T-Mo for service. Cingular recently started selling GSM in my region (upstate NY) so I stopped in to the store. The sales guy let me put the SIM from his phone into my Treo but it couldn't find the network. Normally I get a message saying such but this was just kept searching for a network - no timeout.

    I noticed the SIM was a little different from my SIM. Any ideas?
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    I'm in the Philly area and couldn't use Cingular. Apparently they use an older system (TDMA?) and cannot handle GSM/GPRS (of course if you ask them, they won't be able to answer you).

    I don't know if you have the same situation but it's possible.
    I can tell you that I'm happy with t-mobile (aside from the fact that I keep mailing payments and they keep not getting them).
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    Thanks Lefty!

    In Albany Cingular just (this week) turned up their GSM service. The reason I'm considering them is that the sales rep indicated that they'll be converting all of their analog towers to GSM in September. In this area Cingulars TDMA and AMPS coverage was AWESOME. T-Mo's customer service is great but their cell service just plain sucks.

    Cingular traded on spectrum with T-Mo so Tmo can sell in California and Cingular can sell in NY (that is all on 1900 Mhz). Cingular also bought 850 spectrum for NY so any additional buildout (ie: the analog cells being converted) will be on that frequency. Given that the new T600 is quadband (800/850/1800/1900) the result would be (hopefully) significantly better coverage in my area.

    I would switch today but I still want to use my 180. If the Cingular SIM doesn't work in the 180 I'd be SOL until the new Treo arrived (OK, sure I could get a freebie temp phone from Cingular but I love my geek toy). It also doesn't hurt to wait since number portability might be in effect by the time the new T get's here so I might even be able to keep my T-Mo number.

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