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    Can anyone tell me if my Treo is going downhill??? After I use PDA net or access my email, my touch screen does not work, even a soft reset doesn't seem to work. It seems to have to sit for a while (to cool down?) before the touch screen works again!

    Anyone have any ideas? Has it hit the four month wall of system and hardware life?

    Any ideas, suggestions or sob stories would be helpful.


    A Zen
    A Zen
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    That seems more of a software bug than a hardwre problem. Perhaps the it's Treo freezing up upon trying to disconnect from vision? I notice that too sometimes. Have you noticed the same problem after using other vision specific apps like sending sms or webclippings?
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    Yes I"ve noticed that happens too. However, it seems to be happening on a more regular basis, so I wonder what is up with that? Any fixes that you would suggest?
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