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    I did a search and found info on the other receivers available but not this one. Does anyone have any experience with this product?Navroute gps receiver

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    I haven't tried that one... but I just ordered this one:

    Rayming TN-204

    I will tell you how it is in a couple of days... Anybody know what is the best mapping software for the road?

    For the Air I really like's Fly... also I use CoPilot coupled with FlightMaster for an HSI..... These work great in the plane on my old HandEra 330... I am excited to see how they work with the new Treo 270 in color. :-)


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    God..those things seem so cheap compared to my Garmin GPS V.

    Should'a shoped around more then have gone for the Garmin. Those Palm solutions look almost better then my V.

    Then again, the V has literally saved my life so I can't knock it.
    -- Go Illini!
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    Except for that fact that I have to shell out 20USD every year to use it I like Trip Pilot. You can tell it I am here and I want to go there. It will then download step by step instructions and maps on how to get there.
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    Got the Navroute Gps With aXmap from Delorme , love the unit best accurcy & turn by turn , very easy ti use , excelent reception
    , will purchase the Hp 505 in the future with the Iguiance softwear .
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    I finally received my Navroute for the Treo. It seems to work great with the Mapopolis software I used to have on my Prism. I bought it for 119.00 at without any software. It was back ordered so it took about three weeks for me to get.

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