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    Does anyone knows the e-mail address of T Mobile phones . I want to send a message directly to a phone and I know all of the address are: I know the one for ATT, I need one for T Mobile. I did a serach in previous post and I could find only ATT and Cingular.

    Anyone knows.
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    <number> (it may be, actually)
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    it is "net"
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    Best way to SMS is to go to this website:

    Then select the Provider, punch in the Moble phone number, then type your message. Finally click the SEND button. Voila you sent a text message to that phone... Best way I have figured and the best part, all you need is already on your phone (Blazer).

    Hope this helps... And if it helps you I would suggest a small donation to that site. I am not affilated with it but love its services. I like it so much that every month I will donate $5 to help out with the maintenance of the server and programming.

    Hope anyone that finds it usefull can donate something..

    Take care buds and gals..

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