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    I was wondering if anybody had tried mlights to light up your keyboard.
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    Works great!
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    what benefits, over double tapping the power button, does mlight give u?
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    You can set the time frame for the keyboard to light up. I've set mine for 7pm to 7am. When the keyboard lights up, the screen does not dim and half of the time if I don't double tap the power button fast enough it just turns off the display.
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Thanks for the responses.
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    Originally posted by gkaatz
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    you can use MAtreo to turn your keypad light'at given times' when the flip is open.

    after reading about mlight I played around with MaTreo.
    I linked it to start when the flip is open, then set it to exit after zero secounds.
    Just saved 5 bucks LOL
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    I never found the same functionality and MaTreo kept crashing for me. I'm happy with MLights.
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    goto option for back light cantrols.
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    Well, I gave in and got MLights. Thought I never would need it, just press that button twice and keyboard lights up.
    Well, I was wrong. MLights is so handy, especially setting up the off and on times.
    Also, screen doesn't dim like it does with keyboard on.
    Great convenient product!

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