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    Is anyone out there using a Treo 270 with the wirelessmodem software to connect with T-Mobile GPRS? I've tried the wirelessmodem software but can't get it to successfully "dial" via a GPRS number (I've tried *99***1#, *99***2#, *99#). I've seen mention of the software GSG for generating a modem script, but I'm not sure why this should be necessary. I'm willing to spend the money on the wirelessmodem and GSG software if I know this works. I've been able to connect the PowerBook with GPRS via three different bluetooth phones but no luck with the Treo 270 yet. I want to move to the Treo for my only phone, but I need to get this piece working to do that.

    Thanks for any help in advance!
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    I just got it to work with GSG and Wireless modem. The finial stop gap with mine was that I had to enter my T-Mobile online user name and password in the PPP field of the connection. Nowhere else does anybody else mention that.

    So as my contribution: Setting up GPRS on Mac OS X:

    Use GSG. put "" or "" as the API or whatever that thing is called. Save the script as is.

    After installing WirelessModem, in the "Handspring Treo" 'Port' in the Network control panel, select this new script you saved (instead of Scotts) and put your T-Mobile website Login in the login and password fields. Use the Modem menu extra to connect, and it all should work.

    At least, it did for me.
    -- Go Illini!
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    Yes, thanks to your help in the other thread I was able to get it to work. With the info to use my T-Mobile password I was even able to get it to work with the standard Treo script.
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    I'm trying to figure out how to use my Treo 270 t-mobile as a wireless modem with my G4 powerbook(OS 9.2). Haven't downloaded anything yet just trying to figure out the best software to use. I found wirelessmodem software but I'm not familiar with GSG. Where can I find that?
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    GPRS script generator (GSG) is found at:

    written by Massimo Valle.

    Not sure if you need this if you are using Sprint, but needed for GSM/GPRS.
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    Actually, once I got the info to use the T-Zones login and password, I was able to get it to work without GSG, I just used the Treo script installed by wirelessmodem. Not to say GSG isn't good, just that it's not absolutely necessary.

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