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    Is there a way to have the following happen:

    a. Dial voicemail from speed dial normally
    b. after connecting the dial pad appears (the large numbered buttons) automagically

    This would be for the voicemail speed dial only.
    TIA Fellow Treo'ites
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    no one ever got tired of pressing shift and digits for voice mail ? or hitting the hard button twice ? Or is it just me ?
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    The speed dial dials the number and then the dial pad appears automatically is a normal function of the phone.

    It is what you call user friendliness as device anticipates you using the key pad for regular phone functions.

    I don't press shift digits for voice mail. You use the speed dial for that.
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    When I check my voice mail, or talk to Customer SErvices, etc. I just press the number keys *on the keypad* (no blue key, no shift). The Treo recognizes that you are using the numbers rather than the letters, just like when you are dilaling from the speed dial.
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    I've ALWAYS used the speed dial voicemail button to connect to voicemail. I've never physically dialed the number. My Treo is from T-Mobile and that speed dial button was already set up if I remember correctly (I think the # is just 1 2 3 anyhow) as the very first button. I did not have a choice in the matter. It's convenient anyway since you can just hit the jog dial once and it's already selected that speed dial button and begins dialing, all with one hand and no need to look at the phone.

    However, it does NOT go directly to the dial pad upon connecting. It brings you to the normal screen you'd see during a call with the name and/or number of the person you're talking to on top and buttons for hanging up, hold, speakerphone, and dialpad on the bottom. I have to hit dialpad (or use the actually hard keys) to navigate through the voicemail menus at this point. I agree with ugalosh that it should recognize voicemail as a special circumstance and just automatically bring up the on-screen dialpad for you.
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    On the back of my treo180 box there is a screenshot of the treo with a dial pad button, next to the hold/mute soft buttons on the screen any way to have this appear on all outgoing calls ?


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