If I want to use my Treo to check Yahoo mail, I would need to upgrade to MailPlus to get Pop3 access, right? Then I could use Snapper or something like that, but any action I take on the Treo (or in Outlook on my PC) would not be reflected on the server - so the next time I log into the web interface, the emails I downloaded would still be marked unread? Is that how Pop works? If so, it sounds like IMAP is the way to go. Can anyone out there recommend a service (fastmail, etc.)? And what about for the Treo? I did a search and many people like Multimail, but it is no longer available (I think), and Versamail doesn't work with the Treo. Other apps such as 2ba, basejet, papi, iambic, etc. have gotten mixed reviews. Thanks for the help!