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    My subscription for Treo Mail expires in October. I am really happy with the email client but I am concerned that a better client(s) will be available for the Treo 600 in the fall. So I am hesitant on renewing. I emailed Visto support asking them if they have any plans for the device or upgrades for Treo Mail. This is the response I received:


    I am going to be honest with you here, not sure on the logistical issues but oh well.

    I work for Visto Corp. which not only builds the client for Handspring (TreoMail) but all TreoMail comes through our operations center. Saying that this Fall (September sometime) Visto's new client will be released which will handle all attachments as long as there is an application on the device that can accommodate the file. For example Quick Office which can be installed on Palm devices, including Treo's, works with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. When you open the attachment it will automatically launch the proper application, just like opening an attachment on your desktop. Right now MessageXpress only works with Word and Text files.

    Now here is a trick you can try, what you can do is install the Visto MessageXpress client on your device instead of the Treo mail version. The Visto MessageXpress client should work just fine with your TreoMail subscription so when you activate the device again just input your TreoMail account information.

    So here is my suggestion to you. Come Mid - September go to and sign up for the free 30 trial. Download the MessageXpress client. Install the desktop portion as well as the device client. But when you activate your device input your treomail account information. In 30 days your Visto trial will run out, but no big deal you will be using your Treo account anyway. Although I would suggest you login into before your account expires and download any new versions.

    If using the MessageXpress client against your TreoMail does not work for some strange reason. Just use your trial MessageXpress account. Once you see that they are the same thing, then decide whether to extend your TreoMail account or MessageXpress account.

    One big advantage is that Visto messageXpress always has the newest releases and features. For example you are running 1.5. MessageXpress is up to 2.1 and I am beta testing the next fall release, with rich attachments (what you asked about), a few bugs but that is why it is still in beta. I also have meeting request interaction, already available with the current MessageXpress, meaning I can accept/decline or tentative a meeting request on my device, sending a response the meeting requestor and putting the meeting on my Outlook calendar. Last advantage is that Visto has purchased Viair. We will be migrating the best feature of both products this year, Viair brings us over the air (true) calendaring and contacts plus GAL lookup.

    TreoMail advantages- well not so much on the latest features, but if there is any problem with your device syncing, Handspring would have to handle the device hardware support and you would contact me here for the Visto software client support as well as with any possible Desktop Assistant problems. Also the Treo client is a tried and true client and my come out with their own additional features for the device that I am unaware of.


    Visto Customer Support
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    I can't speak for what's soon to be released from Visto, but I can address the differences in TreoMail and the current public version of Message Express. Bottom line - even though Visto created the core software for both, TreoMail, to me, is still MUCH better than Message Express. About 2 months ago, I downloaded and tested the Message Express client, much along the lines of the e-mail response you got from Visto. I'd been using TreoMail 1.5 for about 6 months, and thought I'd give it a shot, out of curiosity. I have to say that Message Express lasted about 2 days, max, on my device. It was not NEARLY as intuitive as TreoMail - no background operation, no global address lookup for addressing, no mail-to auto complete - none of those things that make TreoMail such a pleasure to work with.
    Granted, it does seem like the things that Visto has planned for Message Express will make it potentially superior to TreoMail - I just hope that they take a clue from the changes Handspring must have made to TreoMail, and add those in to Message Express.
    Lots of stuff coming down the pipe in the wireless e-mail world - Goodlink on the Palm OS, RIM on the Palm OS, new stuff from Visto - choice is always better!
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    I just tried it and it was a big disappointment. It says on my Treo270 that 'SMS is not supported on this device'. Also in my account under SMS Alert Settings, on Visto's website it says, "This feature is supported on Kyocera 7135 and Kyocera 6035." I need the SMS feature to notify me of new email. I will uninstall it now.


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