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    I agree with what everyone is saying about PDANet. Indeed, I'm sending this message from my Gateway 400SP+ laptop in my car using it right now, and as soon as I get home, I'm going to register PDANet.

    But I came upon a little bit of a problem, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. I hook up the laptop to my car charger which runs off of my cigarette lighter. Then, I hook up my Treo to its car charger, which also runs off of the cigarette lighter. (Of course, I'm using a splitter). Then, I hook up both the Treo and its car charger to the HotSync cable, which goes into the USB port on the Gateway. Then, either the Treo's car charger or the Gateway's blows its fuse. If I run them separately (i.e., without connecting them, so I can use the Gateway without Internet and get calls on my Treo), there's no problem.

    I ran this by a guy at Radio Shack, and he said (makes sense if you think of it) that connecting two things running off the same circuit together grounds them out.

    Any suggestions?


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    Get an aftermarket cable that charges your Treo from your laptop. You can then run only a single device from your car.
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    There are after market USB sync/charger cables out there. Charge the Treo via your laptop's USB port. Simple and effective.
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    Connecting two devices to single car charger circuit would not result in the grounding out of a circuit. What is happening is that you are overtaxing your car charger circuit by hooking up two devices to it. A car charger port is a relatively low amperage circuit and when you hook up more than one device to it you are overtaxing the circuit which is why your fuses are blowing. A safer way to hook up your laptop would be to use a power inverter. This converts DC voltage (your cigarette lighter) to AC voltage via a standard ac connecter. To charger your treo I would have to agree with the previous poster. A charge/sync cable works great for me. I've had an inverter installed in my car for 3 years now and I have never had a problem with the circuit being overloaded whatsoever. Inverters are rated up to a certain wattage. Some even being strong enough to run a small microwave oven. Just be careful with the advice you get from radio shack employees unless they produce credentials from MIT

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