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    If you go the the Sprint PCS website, it shows the following sprint coverage for Peoria, Illinois (including Vision coverage).

    However, when you search the Sprint Sites USA webpage, is shows there are NO Sprint towers in central Illinois!

    How can this be? If you are actually roaming on Verizon's network in this area, 1) why would they sell you a Sprint phone if you lived here, and 2) how can you still get Vision here?
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    Just out of curiosity... are the two the latest and most recent pictures??

    I suspect they did not update one of the pictures

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    Yes, they are the most recent pictures. and Sprint service has been in this area for years.

    In addition, this website also does NOT list any towers owned by Sprint in this area.

    Tower Location Mapper

    What's going on here? You can't tell me that sprint's towers have a range from Chicago to Peoria? (about 150 miles)!
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    The ones on those maps may be listing sprint owned (or operated) towers. Many towers are put up by other companies with space leased to the wireless carriers.

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