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    TREOCODER or anyone who has it.

    I would like to test some software for my Treo 270.

    I have the emulator but need the ROM.

    Have you got a copy you could send to me.

    The emulator I have doesn't read on USB cable only the serial port and MrTaxi doesn't have a copy of the ROM either.

    If you can help please email me on the email associated with my profile.

    Thanking you in advance.
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    You can use SyncWizard to xfer your ROM from your Treo via USB. It has a trial period but is fully functional, available at
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    I used SyncWizerd to get ROMS for when I was developing with Emulator. It works really well.
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    It is illegal for users to share ROM's. Getting the ROM through USB using that special is best.
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