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    Does anyone know if the Treo 600 will be able to sync with a Mac, specifically with Entourage?
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    No reason to think it will be any different than your current HotSync ability with PalmOS devices and Macs using a combination of Palm desktop, the proper HotSync and Conduit Manager, any add on conduits (e.g. for Entourage), and iSync.
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    The reason for my concern is that many of the newer Samsung smartphones are not Mac compatible out of the box, although some of them will sync with a Mac using 3rd party software. My understanding is that the Treo 300 comes already compatible with Macs. I just want to see if the Treo 600 will be the same.
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    HandSpring products have always worked with Apple since the first Visors. They also know they have a large Mac audience, and want leave us in the dark like some other handheld makers. Until things got tight HS use to have a big presents at MacWorld. I believe they have a lot of internal Mac users. Also Apple is working closely these days with device manufactures to make iSync compatible with all the cutting edge handhelds and phones. So don't worry, it will work. Trust me.
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    Hey if for some really weird reason it doesn't work with the Mac out of the box, we have sgruby on our side. I think he works with MarkSpace who makes TC Ringer. They also make conduits for the Mac to sync with the i330 and other Palm devices. And just released The Missing Sync for Pocket PC which will allow the Mac to Sync with several PPC's. Check it out, it looks cool! If it wasn't for the 600 coming out I might be a little tempted.

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