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    I just purchased a Treo 90 and I love it. I'm capable of downloading my emails from my computer to the Treo 90. What would I need to do in order to enable the Treo 90 to receive emails as they come in? How about sending and receving text messages? Thanks!
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    The 90 comes with the Wireless Suite, which probably appeared on your desktop when you loaded the software to your PC. Install it and start playing.

    It's really designed for connecting the communicators wirelessly. I use my 90 a lot with an IR modem and have found Blazer to be a great app.

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    Thanks! But I don't have the mobile phone that the requirements list. Am I stuck without this?
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    I haven't tried to use any communications software through a PC or Mac, except for AvantGo, which is solid and free.

    Most of the Wireless Suite is designed for communication without conduits. And your PC and Treo90 connection depends entirely on conduits. If you're not using a mobile phone or modem for your 90, you're still not stuck. AvantGo and the standard Palm Mail app will give you great service through conduits. There are some AvantGo connections that give you some good options. There's and page called AvantBlog that you can subscribe to that lets you blog by AvantGo. You might check PalmGear or for communication apps that come with conduits or let you use your Treo90 while connected to your PC for access.

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    Thanks again. Since I'm a relative novice to all this, I'm not quite following your reply. Could you possibly break it down in laymen's terms? Sorry, I'm a bit behind on this.
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    Sorry for the delay in reply.

    You can connect your 90 in two ways: When you hotsync with your computer. Or when you connect live via ir, bluetooth or wifi card, or cable to a phone or modem.

    Hotsync can do a lot, but you only send and receive info while connected. AvantGo is a free service (software at that automatically syncs web sites of your choosing and stores the pages on your handhelviewing at any time. For instance, you can get Yahoo and get current stock quotes, headlines, and weather forcasts. Some sites offer your the ability to enter info into your Treo90 and then send it when you connect..There are other apps that can do the same thing AG does and even do more.

    Connecting live via phone or modem gives you a normal internet connection just like your computer, You can send web mail, connect email, use the web, etc. You can scan messages here on the boards that tell you about how to connect via a phone. If you connect via a modem, you still need a wall socket to plug it into.

    The wireless suite came with your 90 and was probably installed on your PC desktop when you installed the palm desktop software. (If you chose not to install this with the wizard, you can reinstalled the Palm Desktop and chose to install the Suite.)

    The suite contains Blazer, One Touch Mail, an SMS app (I think) and a few other items. I'm not a fan of One Touch, so I bought SnapperMail. Blazer is a great browser. You can also use AG as a browser when connected via a modem or phone.

    Hopefully that tell you what you need. If not, ask specifics.

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    Thanks for your advice. I've downloaded the AvantGo install and hit a snap. In the middle of the installation it instructs me to exit netscape. When I do that, it tells me it cannot exit netscape, and to try again--which starts the process over again with the same result. Any ideas?
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    Sounds to me as if you haven't really downloaded it, but just have placed the page link on your desktop. Can you check to see how large that file is? Should be a few megs. If it's a few k, then it just the link. You might try downloading with another browser like Expolorer or Opera.

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    it's 3.18 mbs
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    It's there. Not sure why you can't open it. You might try loading with a different browser just to see if Netscape corrupted it somehow.

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