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    Thanks for sharing your experience. That way, some of us may not have to go through buying it ourselves too

    Can a Pocket PC manufacturer copy the form factor of the new Treo and market it using Mobile Windows OS? will Palm even allow the hardware spec to be legally copied if that form factor is taken up by the market?
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    Originally posted by monkeywithacold
    Ah, is it possible that at long last you now get it my little perplexed snookie wookums! People are DIFFERENT from you. We don't all want or hate the same things you do. You hate the thumb-board. Oh dear me, how terrible, I guess I shouldn't have gotten this G-1000 then. I admit when I bought it I was deadly afraid you'd think less of me for my purchase. Oh gosh, and what will all my uber-geek friends say? Gee, I didn't think of the reaction. Oh no, do you think they might confiscate my collectors edition Boba Fett action figure???!

    As for dead end, what do I care? I know exactly what I'll be loading on this machine, it will all work fine, and I'll be a happy camper for quite awhile, assuming this device doesn't have any hidden disgusting quirks. Which I assume I will uncover before the return period expires. If not, well lucky for me I'm not 14 years old and dependent on my mama for an allowance. I'll get whatever else floats my boat in a few months and sell this or give it to a family member.

    Frankly PPC 2003 is currently giving people fits. There are a lot of transition headaches going on. I'd rather spare myself all that for now. My Nokia was dying. I didn't want to shell out for another regular cell phone. I caught a sale on a convergence device and thought I'd give it a try. I'm not trying to impress anyone with the specs. I'm just trying to get a PDA/Phone combo with a halfway decent thumb-board. And I know very well I'm not the only one who likes thumb boards. So I won't worry if some faceless geeks in techdom frown upon them. I march to the beat of my own drummer, laddie.

    Actually Purplex, it was good seeing you again. I did miss you. You do amuse me. And actually on occasion I do agree with some observations you make. I just think you're a bit wacked. But that's okay, who isn't. Have fun with, what is it you own again? I didn't quite catch the make and model of your PDA. I'm sure whatever it is, it is a technological marvel and light years ahead of its time in power, versatility and utility.

    you better watch it my cheerfull mooglie poo, sarcasm and irony aren't terribly welcome form of 'delivery'.

    now seriously, the reason 2k3 is a big deal, is precisely this "convergence" talk. It has far enhanced browser, smoother SMS, inbox, and better sync, not to mention the whole windows media player thing. The OS itself also receives major tweak with power management, more than enough API fixes and whole new kernel.

    the reason it's such a big deal? it gives far better user experiance than 2k2. Plus the idea of non upgradeable has always been a cardinal sin in PPC. It almost always kill models within months, with h1910 being the sole exception. People usually avoid this situation since that means no peripherals, long term supports, etc etc. (for eg. you can pretty much forget any fancy apps being develop specifically for that thumboard)

    Now I have no idea what you are going to put in your device, but knowing the capability of treo 300, I can guess that you won't be using the type of softwares that currently still have not been updated to 2k3. They are mostly GPL and large utility apps. Most top selling commercial apps have been fixed days ago. In fact brighthand thread discussing compatibility issue for 2k3 hasn't bubbled up for days now. But of course PPC PE specific app will still have to wait until a phone using 2k3 actually shows up.

    and yes, you'll find quickly enough after G1000 that PPC UI and 3rd party applications can provide better alternate to thumboard.

    PS. try doing waltz or Rumba instead of drum beat march.
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    Originally posted by ManofTrueGod
    Thanks for sharing your experience. That way, some of us may not have to go through buying it ourselves too

    Can a Pocket PC manufacturer copy the form factor of the new Treo and market it using Mobile Windows OS? will Palm even allow the hardware spec to be legally copied if that form factor is taken up by the market?
    not until next year.

    the current MS product strategy is
    -Smartphones, which has a very traditional phone look.
    -the PPC phone edition, which uses QVGA touch screen.
    -several experimental CE .net phone such as neonode.

    eventually they are all merged into one product, but it won't happen until late next year at the earliest.

    Smartphone actually will become a serious treo 600 competitor, specially for people who just needs organizer feature, basic productivity/personal management apps, and basic games. For eg, Smartphones already has better office documents viewer and multimedia capability than OS 5.0. Right now it is in the typical state of expanding app library, but since the API and development tool are so similar to PPC, the climb rate is high. Smartphone will be capable of performing all popular OS5.0 apps features by the end of the year.
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    I actually don't disagree with you, Purplex, about the good points of 2k3. But I'm a Sprint customer. My family and friends all happen to be on Sprint because we happen to live where Sprint coverage is excellent and the competition pales. (I know in other regions, that's not the case but it is here and where I travel). Sprint currently is not offering anything with either Palm OS or 2k3 convergence that meets my needs now. There's a Samsung clamshell "coming soon" but that's nothing I'm interested in. And the i-700, well "eh" and besides, I hear it keeps getting delayed.

    I repeat, my old cell phone is not cutting it NOW. I just had a very frustrating week with it. It's over 4 years old and has taken a bit of a beating. I couldn't wait for the Treo 600, which still remains my ideal in many respects. I also happen to like Pocket PC OS so I thought I'd give this a try. Nothing more, nothing less. I certainly am not bragging about the specs, features or the size. I'm not even that worried about peripherals or a whole host of supporting apps. I just want to get through the next couple of months, at least. If I like this enough to stay with it a full year, then wowza!

    What device are any of the cellular carriers offering NOW, this week, that has 2k3 on it? Nothing I know of, and you yourself state the goodies are still a considerable ways off. Everything is on the drawing board or in the testing phase. And that is always going to be true. No matter what you have in your hand at the moment, you can bet something better is just around the corner. Always.

    So no sense worrying about my having an already outdated convergence device on my hands. Now the size of this thing does give me pause, and that along with the PDA phone integration are what I'll be evaluating. I have heard that the latter is adequate. I will find out for myself in a day or two. BTW, I don't own a Treo 300. This brick is my first convergence device. My getting acquainted with it should be good for a few laughs. As I'm sure ManofTrueGod is already anticipating.

    --Cheerful Mooglie Poo--hey, I like that!
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    Oh and you are right, sarcasm and irony are not welcome here. My bad, and I'll drop that tone right now. I'll get back to just straight reporting on what this device is like...but only if there's any interest. After all, this is a Treo forum and not a Hitachi one.
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    Originally posted by monkeywithacold
    Oh and you are right, sarcasm and irony are not welcome here.
    satire and allusion haven't been banned yet. This is totally bland. And I can say it without irony that positive exageration is definitely welcomed.

    lol, now back to G1000 vs treo.
    your carrier situation is totally fubar. I don't see alternative way.

    about convergence, the top application for G1000:

    -the usual: SMS, read email with attachment natively, fax, etc

    -streming media player, browser (somewhat limited in treo600)

    -Today plug in/application. (this does not exist in treo as in G1000 form. They are essentially an automatic updater that perch in today page, keeping you updated on item such as stock, headlines, weather, sport etc.)

    popular apps.
    Journal bar
    PDA agent

    -then there are specialized full size apps that will feed strickly from feed (in general should have more features than treo):
    various travel guide and map site
    stock apps (Stock monitor, tiny stock,pocketcharts, etc)
    storm warning browser
    medical journals etc

    -Various application that can be sync wirelessly via active sync.
    (project manager, database, replacement PIM, etc)

    a quick link list,
    For more app info the site also has software database. (also check the usual site such as pocketgear, handango, ppcfreeware, etc)

    what I find completely retarded, treocentral doesn't even have a master list of all convergence apps specifically design for treo situation.
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    Originally posted by purpleX
    first of all the inquiry news is a rumor about upcoming trade show that hasn't happened yet. You take THAT more over a digitimes report.

    One is a trade publication, the other is industry's gossip column.

    simply brilliant. Keep the wishfull thinking tho', TI might even cancel WANDA too or Microsoft goes bankrupt next month...

    HAHA! Well it seems Brighthand agrees with me because they're reporting that the Wanda will be demoed at Computex as well now. Just another instance of how you can't separate the facts from your ego huh ska?
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    How does Brighthand quoting the inquirer add legitimacy to the content of that news? He does not add anything to the content aside from his gut feeling that the news might have some significance. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $Ed$ $does$ $not$ $have$ $conection$ $in$ $Taiwan$.

    So yeah, my ego says, It's interesting footnote, but hardly change anything. Plus really, is not like the two news are contradicting each other. I also got the feeling you are the one submitting the news to b'hand. heh...

    ... just don't start quoting yourself after you post in ... now that would be the ultimate vanity citation.
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    Originally posted by purpleX
    I also got the feeling you are the one submitting the news to b'hand. heh...
    LOL! No that wasn't me. Besides why would I contribute PPC news anyway? Anyway, whatever your bias against ED b/c he used to be at PIC, the guy does have sources. You got to admit Brighthand has been much better news-wise since he arrived, while PIC has been the opposite.

    P.S. Why don't start your own blog or something ska? I mean wouldn't it be more meaningful give your .02 cents on your own site. It would beat getting banned all the time wouldn't it?

    P.S.2 Oh yeah, you better check out the UX forum at cliesource. I hear people there are way to positive on the UX40/50 over there!
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    Ed's only worth one thing: his Sony connection, unfortunately he is under pretty tight Sony leash. He can't report the whole thing about Sony product. That's about it. I don't think he has deep Palm connectiona anymore beyond standard send me a review unit kinda relationship. And whatever he writes about PPC definitely is not worth anything.

    hell I have more credibility on Palm stuff than him about PPC stuff. (okay that's a joke. .. heh heh)

    Cliesource? I am there man... ! I just need to find the precise gimmick and flick it, that place doesn't operate in normal earth logic. lol...

    take a look at this manifesto... jees...
    treo crowd sounds downright sane regarding their thumboard fetish compared to cliesource crowd's brand attachment.

    this guy is already declaring 123mHz as the most powerfull PDA CPU without seeing the benchmark. now I can buy Sony makes the most efficient video accelerator, but 123mHz ARM9 is still 123mHz. It won't spew more MIPS than the bigger competitor unless Sony manage to bend some law of nature... but hey, I digress.
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    Why are we supposed to be excited about this Wanda? There is no keyboard.
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    Originally posted by silverado
    Why are we supposed to be excited about this Wanda? There is no keyboard.
    You're right, it doesn't have a thumbboard which is a big negative. But the most exciting thing about the Wanda is the tri-wireless connectivity: 802.11b + gms/gprs + BT. There's nothing else out there that combines all three wireless technolgies (PAN, LAN and WAN) in a smartphone. Brighthand describes the technology pretty well below:
    WANDA uses TI's OMAP1510 application processor. It also includes the company's BRF6100, the industry's first 0.13u Bluetooth single chip solution, and the TNETW1100B, an 802.11b MAC/Baseband processor specifically designed for mobile/embedded wireless LAN applications. Finally, it has TI's TCS2100 GSM/GPRS chipset, which includes a digital baseband, an analog baseband, and a software suite, including a complete GPRS/GSM protocol stack.
    The only thing this device doesn't have is a dual mode gsm/umts radio! The biggest concern I have about this device, aside from the OS, is the battery longevity. This thing is supposed to be pretty small, and would be suprised if they could fit a battery large enough. I would love to eventually see such wireless connectivity in a treo form factor...
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    As promised, here is my take on this device as I see it.

    1. It is big. There is no way to avoid that. However, I am willing to deal with the bigness because of the impressive screen resolution and real estate. The other important factor is that I am much more successful making screen selections with my fingers on the g1000 than on my treo300 (realize that I have no nails, so non-stylus touching is not a slam dunk).

    2. Beeing an admirer of Palm OS, and all things non-MS. yet working primarily in the MS world, I must say that _for me_ the PPC UI, and the multitasking OS are a better combination.

    3. Cell phone reception is better in my area on the G1000.

    4. Integtration with my WinXP desktop is much better and more intuitive.

    5. Data connection time is a fraction of what it was with the Treo. Browsing the web, even with the builtin browser is _much_ faster.

    6. Battery life is better, though not as much as I expected. Removable battery option is key here.

    I have read the various comments about the g1000's OS not being the latest and greatest and find that all I really care about is how the current version performs for me at this moment. It's kind of weird for me to have that point of view... but there it is.

    I see my switch to the g1000 in this context: I use these kinds of devices on a moment-to-moment basis in my business. Anything that works better for me now is what I will use. Because these devices are biz expenses for me, the financial blow is slightly lessened. I will undoubtedly look closely at the 600 when it arrives. The immediate visceral reactions that I get when trying to use it the first time will determine how I relate to it vs. the g1000....

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    1. you can get a skin and mod for the phone dialer in case whatever sprint is giving you is not big/pretty enough. and you can also change the font size in the address book if the original are too small. But for standard bottom bar, you are prety much stuck with whatever size the developer give you.

    Use CE tuner if the built in font setting is not enough.

    5. there are several 3rd party browsers, ftx is a freebie tho people use it mainly for the full screen capability. For full service browser, netfront is your only choice with 2k2.

    Very nice freebie sites, tho' its for the PDA site of the phone.
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    Thx purple...

    Now... If someone would just make a case _without_ the flip-over cover, I will be deeply pleased!
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    I recently had to get my TREO 300 replaced at COMPUSA due to damage. Apart from been a nightmare to get a replacement from CompUSA , when the approval came through they did not have TREO's and wanted me to wait two days more. The overall process to get an approval from Dallas already had taken long enough that I took a gamble and got a G1000.

    Currently I can recap my experience as follows:

    1.- The size really does not bother me.
    2.- As It does a super bid and bright screen ( indoors and outdooors).
    3.-Signal is two bars more than my TREO had in the same spots of my house.
    4.-Email (Outlook) works great out the box.
    5.- I had in My TREO Sprint Business Connect so I got this working on the G1000 and it is a world of difference. Things are easier to read and the UI I think is better overall.
    6.- Pictures are great, I constantly use them to update some projects I am handling and the Sprint sharing works great.
    7.- Support from this from Sprint was better than the Treo last August , I think they learned their lesson and have the Techs trained in advance.
    8.- Is is not Palm OS UI so that might be an issue for some but I have had PDA since 97, so I can handle myself around well.
    9.- Better than TREO 300, Yes and NO: No as I believe the TREO series were a Milestone in the communicator area and for me is a direct Predecessor of the G1000. YES because I think someone in HITACHI paid attention .
    10.- I want to congratulate Hitachi and coming with a first one in the PPC world and it is a good one.
    11.- Will I chnage it for a Treo600, I am not sure as I like the larger screen real estate and I am PDA Centric not Phone centric.
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    Yeah, thanks for the links, Purplex. Well after putting the G-1000 through its paces I feel confident I'll be keeping it past the return period. It does everything it's meant to do very well. In some respects, it's outstanding. Web browsing is fast and easy. Additionally, Hitachi has it set up with a program that closes down running apps. It is readily accessed via a button on the Today screen. It will list all programs currently running and give you the option to shut them all down at once or close only the ones you highlight. Very thoughtful and a boon to those used to Palm and having apps actually close when you exit from them.

    Now that I actually own one and am not just reading about it, I have to say this machine is so well done it doesn't even seem like a first-effort at this form factor. IMO. I don't find myself mentally redesigning it or wishing for anything. I think SDIO would be a logical upgrade. And for a device of this size, an additional CF slot would have been nice. But I'm happy with it as it is.

    I don't even find myself wishing it was smaller. I think if it were, I would not be half so satisfied with it. It's my first experience with a convergence device and I'm really pleased. I would not think of going back to separate devices now. While the phone features work well, it is PDA-centric, though. I think anyone who really relies heavily on their cell phone would probably be better served by a Treo. I do find ways of keeping my G1000 with me, but I think most people would want a smaller form factor.

    Palm would do well to consider developing the Tungsten C form factor into a convergence device. It would fill the niche for those who find the G1000 too big or the Treo 600 too small. I think now I probably would find it difficult to give this up for a 160x160 screen. But a device with that great Tungsten C screen could entice me to make a switch in the future. Especially as I still don't have the independence from the stylus that you lucky Treo 600 owners will have. Even though I have my dream machine for now, I still eagerly await the unveiling of the 600 and seeing what they've done with it.
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    if you are not wishing the machine can do better, then you are not pushing the little critter hard enough.

    and believe me, you will think the thumboard is a complete waste of space after about... oh 2 months of use and discovering various soft input alternative.

    for eg, this. (it's bacially a T9 predictive look alike with qwerty UI)
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