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    ...Just talk has the SGH-i500 as being available in 10 days. You don't suppose they are getting the SPH and the SGH confused do you?
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    This question was answered for me from a developer inside of Samsung - i wanted to believe the SGHi500 was here, but, i have been following samsung now for over a year and i shouldn't have allowed myself to stray to that thought.

    For what its worth.

    should there be any reason at all to hope that the SGH i500 might be out soon as posted by or do you think they have bad information?

    This is bad information. As you know, SGH-i500 will have the 324x352 LCD. However, that LCD wasn't ready until recently, so all the sets under development are using the same LCD as the SPH-i500. It will take some time to change over to the new LCD. This is just one example of why we won't see the SGH so soon.
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