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    Up until early July 2003, I've been able to use my AT&T SIM in my 270 (purchased through Cing via HS in 2002) without problems. I found the AT&T GPRS connection far superior and its coverage in certain areas better - hence I'd keep the AT&T SIM in my wallet for data or coverage matters when Cingular had problems (often).

    My current problem is that the Treo no longer accepts the AT&T SIM - it goes through the network search but doesn't register with AT&T and then shuts the wireless mode off. If you try to do the Network Search/Select it says it must have been on for at least 30 seconds to enter this mode - even after searching for 5 minutes this option is not accessible. There is never a message about incorrect/locked SIMs. When I slip the Cingular SIM back into the unit it almost immediately registers. I have some foreign (Vodafone and Omnitel) and T-Mobile SIMs which also can no longer register on the Treo (but used to work fine). Actually, I think the Vodafone still works.

    I've always assumed my unit was unlocked since other SIMs would work fine and Cingular seemed to disorganized with HS to get them locked units (although I think it was purchased locked).

    Is it possible that Cingular could now be locking/blocking non-Cingular SIMs? This seems so unlikely given the other SIMs used to work fine. Or is it a case of some technical issue with registering on networks like AT&T not recognizing the IMEI? Perhaps in my home of So. California?

    I've done the RadioReset app and the problem persists.

    Lastly, the AT&T SIM works fine in other phones (unlocked).
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    I seem to be having the same problem with the Rogers AT&T network here in Canada with an "unlocked" phone that originates from T-Mobile...have you found a solution to your problem? Thanks!
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    After talking with Cing and AT&T tech support on the problem (neither had a clue - especially the former) I had Handspring send a new unit and the problem has been solved.

    Curiously, when I brought the old 270 with me to a T-Mobile (non-Cing) area the problem didn't occur.

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