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    From CNET

    "Good Technology is releasing new messaging software and adding partners as it looks to attract more enterprise customers by broadening the device and network compatibility of its software....

    "Synchronization with company data can be performed wirelessly, a significant feature for the software developer....

    "Version 2.0 of GoodLink supports voice and data devices on next-generation cellular networks, including 1xRTT and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). Among the early devices to take advantage of new features built into the software is Handspring's Treo 600 device, a combination cell phone and organizer. The device with Good's software is expected this fall on the Sprint cellular network."

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    According to this:


    the default email program for the TREO 600s will be from SEVEN (buh-bye TreoMail!).

    The Good technology stuff is probably (undoubtedly, IMHO) an extra-cost application.
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor

    The Good technology stuff is probably (undoubtedly, IMHO) an extra-cost application.
    Yes. Considering Good requires enterprise level software, it doesn't make much sense to put it on stock Treos.
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    Yay !!! Goodbye SprintBC !!!
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    Originally posted by KKenna
    Yay !!! Goodbye SprintBC !!!
    Not necessarily. Does Good run with a desktop client? As far as I know it is an enterprise level solution.
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    PIC has now posted a story on this:
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    I have a friend who works at Good, and I was told that Sprint will offer a Good- based version of Business Connection, as well as continuing to offer the Seven-based version. This person also said that the Sprint PCS sales folks will start to sell Good on an enterprise level - much like Cingular does now (altho Cing mostly focuses on RIM, since that's what they started with). I'm told the Sprint folks will use Good as the focus for the Treo600's server-based e-mail solution.
    For those who use non-server-based redirector solutions (TreoMail, BaseJet, etc), no telling what will be available - prob just the same client apps that we've been using for some time.
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    Here is an image of what the Good client might look like on the Treo 600. Although it's not a closeup, it looks pretty enough for me The same shot of the Treo 600 (although partially obstructed by another device) is shown on Good's home page (
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    Originally posted by KKenna
    Yay !!! Goodbye SprintBC !!!
    Actually, no. Did you ever look at what was powering SprintBC? It is Seven's email system, which Handspring just announced would come standard on the Treo 600.
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    The IT Outsourcing company I work for provides wireless Exchange Sync for Good and RIM devices with the Good Server and for Pocket PC Phone devices directly through MMIS.

    Yea, we are an Enterprise class service, not for individual users. ---- Syncs with Exchange Messaging, Calendar, Notes and Tasks.

    I've been all over the Good rep about my Treo 270 but with support for the 600 ready I simply have another excuse to buy the new TOY!!!

    Just waiting.

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