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    Over the weekend, my phone's speaker stopped working. So I called up Circuit City in the Chicagoland area to see if they have a replacement. They told me that all stores in the area are out of the Treo because they have been discontinued. I was upset because I had purchased the $49.99 warranty that covered my unit for 3 years. I was hoping that my Treo would operate until it was time to trade up to the 600.

    I then went to my local Sprint PCS store and told them my dilemma. The Sprint technician told me that he would swap my phone for a new (or refurbished?) phone for free. I was happy, but thought that I would then void my warranty with CC.

    I called CC, and they told me that in order to keep my warranty intact, I would have to swap out my broken phone with a new unit at theSprint store, and then go back to CC and update their records with my new phone's ESN number.

    Has anyone done this before? Will CC honor my warranty if I indeed get a new phone from the Sprint store?
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    I had a similar situation with my phone and Best Buy this past weekend. My earpiece started going dead so that I could not hear people on the other end of the conversation, but they could hear me. I also purchased the extended warranty plan at BB and they too do not carry it any more. Here were my three options:

    1. Have sprint replace the unit with a refurb (not new). This was not suggested as (I have read) many people have had problems with refurbs from Sprint.

    2. BB would replace my Treo 300 with a Samsung I330 (the equivalent that they carry)

    3. Tough it out until the Treo 600 comes out (which I plan on getting)

    I choose to go with #2 (even though I really loved my Treo 300) and will use the Samsung until the Treo 600 comes out. When doing this BB seems to copy down all ESN and Serial # info off of the phones and I assume that CC does the same and would not honor warranty on a phone that was not the one you purchased. That is just a guess, but it seems logical. I hope this helps some.
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    I also did #2 at CC. The sprint stores around here where not much help.

    I can't tell you how much I DON'T like the i330, and how badly designed it is. The bad thing is this thred that says CC may not sell sprint any more. It will SUCK if I am stuck with this i330.

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