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    According to a PRPRPR-$fluff$ $released$ $by$ $Airprime$ $today$ ($noted$ $elsewhere$), $the$ $TREO$ $600$ $will$ $use$ $their$ $CDMA$ $E3420$ $radio$ $module$:

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    Thanks for the link SeldomVisitor. Interesting news...I particularly like that fact that the module supports gpsOne! Have there been any announcements on who makes the gsm/gprs radio modules?
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    Ugh! I was hoping they'd cut their losses and source a different manufacturer. That's the same maker as the one in the 300 with all the problems.
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    How is this not a HUGE deal?

    same garbage radio = same garbage problems
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    Originally posted by quake8
    same garbage radio = same garbage problems
    I doubt it's the same exact radio, but still, AirPrime is too proprietary. I have tons of info on the Wavecom GSM modules but nothing on the AirPrime.
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    The link I posted in the original in this thread is for the E3200 sries, not the E3400 series - my bad.

    I don't know if the E3400 series has a page yet.

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