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    Has anyone figured out how to sync the Treo 300 with Mac OS 10.2.6 ? I know it will not work in Isync, but it did work with my entourage 10.1.1 and palm desktop 4.0 for awhile and has now quit working, Help!!HELP
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    I can't decide if I feel better or worse that this is happening to somebody else. I had the same thing happen. It worked fine for a while, then broke. I reinstalled and it worked for awhile again but I have not been able to sync on my Mac (TiBook, 10.2.6) for a while.

    I have tried the following.

    1. Manually deleted all the palm files I could find and reinstalled the Handspring version of Desktop 4.0 (the version on the Palm site may not work correctly, I have heard conflicting reports)

    2. create a new user ID and sync from there

    3. Run Hotsync under Virtual PC

    4. Run "Repair Disk Permissions" in disk first aid

    None of these have impacted things

    I have been synchronizing on my PC so this has not been priority one for me. My business partner has just had the same thing happen, but I have been out of town for a week and not followed up with him. I will let you know if he has found anything.
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    I'm running 10.2.6 and sync with iSync.

    Palm Desktop 4.0 (from HandSpring)
    Mac OS X: Address Book 3.0.3, iCal 1.0.2, iSync 1.1

    I also sync my iPod at the same time. If you use iSync make sure you have the iSync Palm Conduit installed (separate download).

    As far as Entourage goes, no problem. I just set up a friend with a Treo 90, PowerBook 15" 10.2.6
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    "Ditto" to everything ImageOne said. No problem!

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