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    I have Nokia 6210, and I wanna to connect her and Treo, so that I can surf the web with Treo over the WAP. How to configure Treo?
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    Wouldn't it be easier to just put the SIM card from your Nokia into the Treo? Or is this a Treo 300 that won't work in Hrvatska? Does the Nokia have an IR port?

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    Well, I have posted on Treo 90 forum didnt I? Guess then, what Treo do I have?
    Yeah, Nokia has IR
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    Sorry! I didn't even pay attention to the forum. You will need to have an ISP to dial with your Treo using yor phone as an IR modem. I am quite sure it is not possible to use your phones WAP connection with the Treo 90.

    Good luck.

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    I did it... I set up Blazer browser, and installed drivers for conncetion to Nokia 6210... All that is on Treo CD

    thx for replying

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