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    Today I felt a warm surge in my pocket. Low and behold it was my Treo 300 and it was very hot. I let the unit cool down, but it now seems as though the battery is dead. I can not get my phone to take a charge. Has this happened to anyone?
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    Wow I am surprised. With all the people on this forum that have been through a few Treos, I would have thought this has happened to someone.
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    re no reply.

    I was only 2 hour between post and on a weekend. give it a day or two.
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    How long have you been carrying it in your pocket? Do you sweat a lot? Salt is a good conductor and your sweat could have slowly seeped in and caused a short. If out of warranty I'd recommend take it apart and clean any visible corrosion with Q-tip and alcohol and see if that fixes it.
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    That is certainly something I did not think of. It was in my pocket for a while, but no sweating today. I have the Circuit City City Advantage warranty. Problem is there aren't any around at CC. I was hoping this would last till October so I could get the Treo 600.
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    This happened to my boss's first two treos, both of which the sprint store replaced as a warranty item (no insurance claim). If you do that, CC will require the new ESN. Or maybe you should drop by CC first and tell them what you are going to do to make sure you will not lose your 3yr CC warranty or if so, at least get a pro-rated refund on the CC plan.

    If it's any help. the sprint store that's doing the exchanges for my boss is here:

    Sprint PCS (512) 344-4200
    17051 Fm 1325, Austin, TX 78728

    I've been lucky I guess as I'm still on my first treo purchased last december. Have a micro crack visible in the hinge assembly, wobbly lid, but that's all. Coincidentally, the display treo at CompUSA (austin, tx north store) has the same crack in the same location. The treos at Fry's Electronics (austin, tx) and Circuit City (round rock, tx) both were missing flip lids. Nothing wrong with the flip lid concept, however they should have gone with a sturdier design.
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    Thranks DRW. I am going to CC today.

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