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    Make your own actual size mock-up of a Treo 600:

    Click on this link and download this nice face-on image of the 600 to your disk (for Mac users, Control click over the image).

    Open the image in Photoshop. Use crop tool to crop right up to the edges of the phone image.

    Resize the image, setting the width to 2.36 inches. You can also increase dpi, if desired.

    Print on heavy weight paper, tape it on top of your current phone/PDA. walk around and look like a real geek.

    Note: some websites list the width as 2.36 inches, others as 2.26 inches. I think the former is correct. Using 2.36 inches as the width produces the proper length of 4.4 inches (sans antenna).
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    It is about the size of iPAQ h1945, albeit little less wider.

    It is small, but hardly "very small" in term of being a "phone"

    SPV is smaller, and Lenovo ET180 is about that size.
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    Thanks for that thread.

    I just made one, very nifty.

    Handspring did a tremendous job of designing and engineering. I don't think you could make the face of the phone any smaller given fixed parameters of finger size and visual acuity. You could only go thinner and lighter.

    I'm getting one!

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