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    I've been disconnected on calls before but this one was weird. I was calling my bank using touchtone interactive and all was well then I got this icon "Palm Powered" and then nothing, no message that call was lost or dropped. I hit the phone button and wireless mode was off, and everthing seems normal after that. I did not have do do a soft reset. I have not installed any aps so the the phone is virgin. Anyone else had ths problem and what does it mean? Is it any indication of hardware or software problems?
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    Your Treo crashed, that was an automatic soft reset (a hard reset would have caused the digitizer calibration to come up).

    It may be a unique occurance, but you won't know until you try to recreate the crash. When you say your Treo is virgin, you had no contacts, no sync'd data, no nothing?

    My Treo has only crashed with some 3rd party games.

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