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I've just confirmed with a HS rep that the 600 will not support PTT.
Well I hope that they meen that it won't natively support PTT. From what I have read on PTT, many of the phones could have the software modified to add a PTT soft key that would enable PTT. I know that my Sanyo 5300 has two buttons at the top of the keypad that the functionality is determine by what the soft key is on the screen. When I open my phone, the right one is labeled "Memo" and the left one has nothing. I know that the 5300 is capable of PTT, but has no way to use it currently. Any phone that has softkeys, and has the appropriate CDMA chipset, could support PTT. Now the question is will Sprint commision the phone vendors to do this? My guess is no simply because both Sprint and the phone vendors will want users to have to purchase a new phone that has PTT.

My guess is that if PTT takes off for Sprint, and Handspring/Palm feel that they could sell more Treos by adding this feature, then they will develop at least a software solution for the 600, and incorporate a dedicated key in the next version. The chipset should support it, it is just a matter of activating it and adding a way to use PTT on the phone.