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    have purchased 2 of the 9-volt battery chargers for the treo 270 (one for me, one for a friend) from seidio - both fail to charge the phone - I now see on another board that a 9-volt battery does not have the initial voltage necessary to charge the 270 's Lithium Ion battery - the problem is 5 e-mails to seidio have gone unanswered - I have since bought a portable charger from another site that uses AAA batteries and it seems to work fine - anybody else have experience with portable battery operated chargers?
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    That is normal and indeed is described in the review here on TreoCentral.
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    I'm not sure how what I've described is normal as mine do not do what the review article describes - mine do not charge the phone at all - the AAA based model I purchased elsewhere charges it to 100% - I don't think the Seidio product functions properly or it should be advertised as "not really a charger but a sorta charger if you're lucky to get one that works at all"
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    Hi gowild00,

    I'm really sorry about the email thing. For me, I check my email every morning. EVERY SINGLE ONE! and I never delete anything, either. So I'm not sure what is happening, but I am really sorry about that. I also informed the administrative board, and there will be an emergancy meeting tomorrow about this issue. We are really sorry because this should not happen, and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    As for the charger, there is a review about it at that explains about the whole battery issue. Please visit the site under and then scroll down to the bottom till you see reviews. Clink on that link and then click on seidio's data power package on may 12, 2003 and scroll down to emergancy power charger in bold. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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    apology accepted - I've sent the e-mails to the support link on your web site if that helps at all - FWIW, I've used brand new name brans 9-volt batteries in all my tests of the charger - what I've experienced with both is that the connection seems to come and go - the "lightning bolt" on the Treo (charging indicator) goes on for a bit then off - wiggling the connection gets it back on and then it goes off again after a bit - this happens with both chargers! I'd like to return them for replacement or refund - perhaps you guys can tell me if they work as they're supposed to -

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