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    OK, I dowloaded the web clipping files to my TREO. When I run any PQA appln, the topline says "connecting" but then I get an error message ..

    "Your handheld could not connect to the serve. Wait a few minites and then try again (iNET 1410)"

    What AM I doing wrong?
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    You know you should really try to do a search to answer these questions!!!

    Anyhoo, you have to go to system>prefs>wireless>click on "proxy" box>select default>press ok.

    now your web clippings should work..
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    And don't get too hooked on them because they won't be supported in OS5 and beyond (afaikafaikafaik). $I$ $used$ $to$ $use$ $them$ $extensively$ $with$ $a$ $kyocera$ $6035$, $but$ $I$ $haven$'$t$ $used$ $them$ $at$ $all$ $with$ $my$ $treo$. $If$ $I$ $ever$ $have$ $to$ $do$ $a$ $hard$ $reset$, $I$ $won$'$t$ $be$ $reinstalling$ $the$ $libraries$.
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    I DID try and do a search, PQA returns nothing nor does web clipping.

    But TX
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    When you do searches, make sure you 1st select show threads "from the beginning" on the bottom of the page. Otherwise older threads will not show up...
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    I think Directory Assistant is the only PQA I currently use. There may be another 1 or 2. Question-when the 600 comes on line how do I get DA or any other one of those apps that uses web clippings? Somehow I managed to install web clipings on my machine but I have no clue as to what they are, how they work etc...
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    If Web Clippings are going away than Palm has lost sight of what a PDA should be.

    Having the ability to quickly grab pieces of information without having to surf through pages and pages formatted for much larger screens was an elegant solution.

    It saved bandwidth, time and worked for the format.

    Why would anyone want to use a regular browser if the same information was available through a PQA.

    Fidelity, ESPN, DA, Map Quest, We Go Movie, pfax have all been great little communication tools.

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    1. Thanks for the help. I did change to the default.l That worked. Will I lose something by NOT using the other set of wireless addre3sses?

    2. nAgain, I have treied the search engine, it did not come up with anything helpful.

    3. The pqas I have treid so far are great! Why doesn't sprint publicize this useful feature?

    4. brittnaica does not work. sigh.
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    Originally posted by Stevesm
    4. brittnaica does not work. sigh.
    Britannica broke a short while ago. At least I think it did. Anyways it's really busted, gives a "couldn't connect to database" error.
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    I found that too!

    PQAs are so terrific .. Lets hope palm does not abandon them.
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    Got a response back from Britannica re: their broken PDA site.

    "Unfortunately, we no longer support the PDA version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Although this may be something Britannica considers in the future, there are no plans at this time."

    Why don't they just take down their site, rather than having it give an obscure "can't connect to database" error. Sigh..

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