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    Odd thing happened to me yesterday...

    I made a call using the phone app... then in the middle of the call the app stated that the network had faded, yet I was still on the call.

    Now for the strangest part:

    When it indicated that the signal had faded, it presented me with a "Dismiss" and a "Try Again" button... I hit "Dismiss" and the phone app quit. The Treo then turned off -- yet my call continued for an additional 12 minutes with the treo OFF (screen blank)!!!! I had to hang up by using the headset button since there was no phone app!!!

    Strange! just thought I'd share.
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    I've had the phone app crash while on a call before. It didn't turn off as yours did, just would not respond to any button or screen presses. It also would not let me hang up the call using the headset. I had to do a reset to hang up. It's only happened once in the year (almost) that I've had my treo.
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    I had this happen too where the screen went off. I wish I could make this happen all the time to save power!

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