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    Just purchased a Treo 180 and boy am I pleased with it.

    The battery life is superb, much better than any other PDA that I have used. Software is very small, and I like the overall design of it.

    However a question ... in the top right hand corner of my Treo180 I have the battery symbol. In the top right of this symbol - I have what can only be described as a flashing pixel ! It's very small - not really noticeable unless you look hard - but it's there.

    Do I have a faulty screen, or does everybody have this ? Is there a 'fix' for this ?


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    I have seen this flashing pixel ever since I upgraded my phone to GPRS (and I believe all new T180/270s come this way). I usually only see it if I am indeed connected to GPRS. Maybe it is a small hint to let you know you are connected to a data service. Don't sweat it.
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    Its the classic "NetLib Connection in Progress" indicator. Its been the Palm OS's connection indicator for as long as I can remember.

    It would show up if you we're using any other kind of connection too, like Modem or IR or anything like that.
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