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    I've been having problems getting my BizConn on my treo (see earlier post at To recap, I know my email is getting as far as Sprint's servers since I can access it via the BizConn web site. I could even get BizConn working on another Sprint phone (not a Treo).

    Sprint suggests resetting your mailbox, then if that doesn't work delete the app and reinstall. It still doesn't work for me, it generates the keys again and "can't connect to desktop". Finally they conceded that there was a Sprint server upgrade a while ago, and certain Palm clients have been having problems with "version seven" of this server.

    They told me there's a new client version of BizConn that will be released at the end of the month. I got two months of service credit for loss of email, very annoying. Supposedly they're going to SMS everyone about the new version, but if history is any guide BizConn will simply stop working for hundreds of people without any warning, while others may get a dialog box on sync.

    Sheesh. "End of the month" sounds like enough time to evaluate SnapperMail -- too bad they don't have an Exchange link, I'll have to POP it down.
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    You should also evaluate BaseJet ( Their 2.0 version is not too stable at this point, but the 1.0 beta is and is free until they iron out the 2.0 version. It doesn't support file access like BizConn, but has Exchange conduits and attachment support. Once they get the last few bugs out of 2.0, it will be a great e-mail app for connected organizers.
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    Let me know if you still have a copy of the beta. Their website says 2.0 was released on the 8th, and they don't seem to be offering evaluations or beta downloads.
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    I had the same issue a few weeks back. I went thorough hours of tech support and reset my Treo everyway possible (cold, hard, wram...). I was finally told by Sprint that they will file a report and get back to me -- they never did. Out of desperation, a few days later, I uninstalled my desktop client, downloaded it again and re-installed it and that did the trick.
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    I have a small issue with the Bussines Connection client

    I use it with Lotus Notes 5.

    It does not always sync (push messages to device checkbox is checked) when a new email is sent. When I have a launcher installed (silver secreen or launcher x) and running it never sync's when a new mail comes in. Thight might be an issue with other apps or hacks that I have running as well.. I'm not sure. Anyone else experience this?

    Other than that I love the program and the service. It's free with my vision plan and comes in handy. Hopefully the new client will fix the issue I am having.
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    The issue I've been having is that it would occasionally crash my Treo when the trigger message to sync was sent. I deleted it and haven't gotten around to re-installing it yet but since a new version is coming out I think I'll hold off.

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