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    I have Cingular service now, (no GPRS available in my area, boohoo, dialup only...), and have everything configured.

    I can use every application (verichat, snappermail, etc.) fine and can send and receive SMS's to/from cell phone numbers. I can RECCEIVE SMS's from email addresses, but strangely, CAN NOT send an SMS to an email address! I am using the 270 built in SMS application - have spent over two hours on the phone with the clueless Cingular reps (grrrrr - the reason I left in the first place) and I finally hung up when they blamed the phone and said , 'well we don't support that phone, so you are SOL'!

    Any ideas?
    R. Evan Stevens
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    Check your preferences for "SMS email center number". It should be set to 121.
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    I just don't get it... I literally have spent over 2 hours on the phone with the SOB's at cingular, this guy responds and in 3 secs it works perfectly?!??!

    Thanks again - more proof that this board is fabulous - just is SO frustrating that i can't get real info from the people i actually spend more with.............
    R. Evan Stevens

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