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    On my Sprint Treo 300 while using Vision specifically with Blazer, the phone will almost always produce an annoying busy tone from the receiver. It seems to happen with network congestion. The only solution is to leave the app I'm currently in and place a call and manually hang up. I can also diconnect from the wireless network and reconnect.

    This is a major annoyance!!! Does anyone else experice this or know how to fix?? Thanks, Jason
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    I have the same problem. I called Sprint PCS Vision customer service today. They acted like they had no idea what I am talking about, and suggested I take the device into the Sprint Store for diagnostic testing. It is pretty clear to me this is a network problem, so I don't think that is going to get me anywhere.

    Any ideas out there?
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    I've been having this problem as well
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    > ...while using Vision specifically with Blazer...annoying busy
    > tone...It seems to happen with network congestion...

    Some clues to your problem:

    (1) Blazer uses a proxy server to do all its "heavy lifting" (Handspring's words).

    (2) Proxy servers are separate computers located somewhere on the Net and maintained by the carrier (Sprint) apparently.

    (3) Proxy servers must themselves connect to the Net for all the surfing you and hundreds of thousands of TREO communicator owners do.

    (4) Your own data bandwidth requirements are reduced by the proxy server's computations but the proxy server itself has to do TWICE as much data (O(n) speaking) as you and all those thousands of other surfers do - once to get the unreduced data, once to send the reduced data to you.

    (5) Proxy servers have finite computational capability and are not necessarily easily load balanced.

    (6) The proxy server "farm", if there even IS one, has finite Net bandwidth so even if it IS load balanced, it runs out of Net connectivity bandwidth sooner or later.

    (6) The carriers have said they don't want to have proxy servers anymore (per some of Handspring's words around the TREO 600 that said the TREO 600 would no longer use a proxy server).

    (7) Guess why...
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    I don't mind waiting to get a connection. I do mind having this unstoppable annoying beeping. It should just tell you the network is busy on the screen and to try again. I don't want to leave where I was and disconnect the wireless servive and reconnect everytime I need to stop the busy tone.

    I use the web service often and it would stink to take the phone back for this.
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    just my opinion, but it may be software, firmware, or hardware problem. I have never gotten this busy signal when vision network is congested - I just get the popup to try again. Have you tried a hard reset to see if the problem goes away? Start with no apps installed. And maybe take it to a Sprint store to have them run diagnostics. Good luck.
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    What does a beeping speaker have to do with a busy proxy server? The speaker shouldn't be involved in a data operation at all.
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    Only that the gists of the original posts of the thread were possible sideeffects of busy proxy servers - simply more information for those who may not be totally versed on how proxy servers work and how they can go bad and how that could and must affect TREO users.


    Since you're now looking at all my posts in an attempt to find something horrible, did you see anything prejudically wrong about my explanation of the potential problems of the use of proxy servers (and, indirectly, how they could cause an insurmountable but necessary problem as discussed in the original posts of this thread)?

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