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    I agree with you that wireless's installed base (other than simple cell phones) in the corporate world is miniscule compared to laptops and computers. However, I think the level of interest in wireless is pretty high, both for mobile employees (e.g the ones currently using Blackberries) and for managers. IMO the Microsoft smartphone and wireless PDA platforms are gonna own the corporations that are already committed to the Windows platform for their PCs and laptops.
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    A clarification is necessary here - you and I are using the term "wireless" entirely differently.

    "Wireless" in a corporate environment means exactly THAT to me - 802.11-etc used between machines of whatever-type without having to have a hardwired wire between them, etc.

    As I use it, it has no direct association with celllular technology.

    As such, I can believe that corporations are STRONGLY interested in "wireless" without being interested at ALL in smartphones.

    And that's what I believe.
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    the 300 is a magnificent little gem. The 600 will be out of this world. I cant wait.
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    out of this world? hmmm....
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