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    Okay, I've got a weird one for you guys:

    I am having this really strange problem where, when I go to Blazer, the color scheme is pea green and a pukish yellow. The background, the controls, the menus--everything. Here's what led up to it:

    I had both Colorize and Khroma (both really cool freeware for customizing color scheme on palmOS devices--I have a treo300) installed, and I was messing with the color settings. I don't remember the exact order of actions I took before the problem arose, but here's what I did: played around with color settings in Colorize, switched to Khroma and played around with color settings, edited and saved some as custom in memo book. Then, I happened upon the green scheme in Blazer, and went back to change it (both in Colorize and Khroma), but cannot do so. I tried setting colors to original settings (in both programs), and it worked for everything, except Blazer (and the contrast/brightness adjustment screen). I tried a soft reset--nothing. I tried deleting both programs and associated databases--nothing. Tried reinstalling color programs--nothing. I can still set new color schemes using these programs, and they work fine for everything else, but Blazer and the contrast screen ALWAYS come up green.

    I know I should have been more careful playing around with both of those programs at the same time, but now I am stumped. Am I stuck with the most terrible colors possible while using Blazer? Maybe a hard reset is in order. Or maybe there is some hidden file that keeps that green scheme setting alive.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Have you tried a soft reset, possibly while holding the up button?
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    Just tried it. Blazer's till green! It's actually kind of funny.

    btw: what is the difference between a soft reset, and a soft reset while holding the up button down?
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    Originally posted by Baby
    btw: what is the difference between a soft reset, and a soft reset while holding the up button down?
    Holding the UP button during a reset is known as a "warm reset" (the Palm OS equivalent of "Safe Mode"). No system extensions and/or hacks are loaded.
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    One thing you could try would be to delete the system prefs (is this where the color info is stored?) and let the palm rebuild them. I am not entirely sure this is safe, though, so please allow someone else to confirm this might work.
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    Hi KRamsaur,

    Believe it or not, I actually just did exactly that--delete the saved preferences, which did the trick. I figured I would just reinstall the file on a hotsync if it didn't work, or if it messed something up. Unfortunately, what I didn't realize was that in the saved prefs. were lots of other things that are needed to do a simple hotsync. What happened when I hotsynced was the computer needed to be told the username, and then commenced to reinstall every program I have--and I have a lot--so it's taking forever... But, no big deal, as long as I don't have to look at that horrible green anymore. I bet I could have just deleted the saved preference specific to Blazer using the program "Preference Editor", or "Leftovers" (both really cool programs). I didn't really know enough at the time to do this, but I'm learning as I go.

    Thanks again for the suggestions.
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    Just realized I spelled your name wrong--sorry about that.

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