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    I have this annoying problem of my battery draining to the point of a hard reset of the treo. Sometimes I think my unit suffers from turbo drain, but occasionally just leaving the phone on when I go to bed or forget the unit in my car leaves me with a hard reset unit in the morning.

    Does anyone else have this or a similar problem?

    Is there a battery meter program I can get that will power down the phone to save my data?

    It seems like I have to leave the unit plugged in or powered off or I am staring down a hard reset.

    I know treomail is a drain, but I only have it scheduled to check during the day.
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    I got a replacement TREO 300 about a month ago and since then the $%#4 ting turns on on its wn and the battery, e ven if I do not use it, may last less than 24 hrs.
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    The battery drain is a known problem with these Treo 300's. The home page has a link to a statement by a Sprint Tech on this issue. Also, I believe there are a ton of treads on this topic, so you might want to try a quick search.

    In my experiences, if your Treo has wireless mode on and you are in an area with no coverage for an hour or so, the Treo will lose it's ability to pick up a signal even if you take it back into a location that you know has great signal strength. Once it's reached this point, the Treo will drain it's own battery within a few hours trying to find a signal that it can no longer pick up. Turning Wireless Mode off and on does nothing -- it still won't find a signal and keeping wireless mode off doesn't break it from the battery drain mode. When my battery drains all of the way, I lose all programs & settings and can only get them back by sync'ing with my desktop or manually reinstalling everything.

    The only current solution is a hard reset before the battery drains all of the way. On my Treo, I can tell if it's in battery drain mode by the length of time it takes to turn off wireless mode (longer amounts of time to turn wireless off usually means it's in battery drain mode) So the lessen I learned is to always carry a paper clip in my pocket.

    You can help prevent this problem from happening by turning wireless mode off *before* you go into an area that you know has no coverage or spotty coverage.

    Also, when it's in battery drain mode, the battery drains faster than your charger can put juice back into it. My Treo drained completely *while it was charging with wireless mode off* overnight once.
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    This sounds dreadful! What about battery monitors
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    THis is the best description of battery drain yet. It is exactly what I have observed. As good as these babies are, they don't seem to recover after missing a connection for a while. sure sounds like an easy bug to fix to this novice.
    Still can't believe the lack of basic testing by Sprint and Handspring.
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    Check out treohelper in the Communcations forum. It can elminate/greatly reduce the RBOD. (Red Blink O Death)
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    Originally posted by some_raisins
    So the lessen I learned is to always carry a paper clip in my pocket.

    You don't know that you can twist off the tip of the stylus and use it to reset your Treo?
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    Originally posted by Stevesm
    This sounds dreadful! What about battery monitors
    Checkout BatteryGraph. This is the best PalmOS battery monitor I've seen IMO...
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    I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip. And thanks for mentioning treohelper too.

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    Originally posted by some_raisins
    I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip. And thanks for mentioning treohelper too.

    Heheheh, thanks for the "tip"?

    Rimshot please!
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    ba-dump tsht.
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    I received my first Treo 300 in October 2002. Never a problem. Last week the cover hinges broke. SprintPCS customer service (BY PHONE, NOT IN THE STORE) was great. I had a replacement in 2 days. Since I received the replacement I have had daily battery drains with hard resets. Today I noticed the battery was about one quarter depleted. I just finished a call when I noticed this. I put it in my pocket and within 20 minutes it was dead. The strange thing is when I connect to the charger it turns back on with the charge bar showing a full charge or nearly full. I have never noticed any flashing lights or anything because it is usually dead when I take it out of the holster or my pocket. This has happened at my office and at my home. I have reviewed alot of the posts about turbo drain but my original Treo 300 never did this, not even once, in the 9 months that I had it. I have no software on the new one that I did not have on the old one. I am wondering if they sent me a unit that one of you returned.
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    I had this exact issue with a 1 day old phone. I took it in to a SprintPCS Store and it failed their testing. I left with a new Treo300. (After I made them test it as well.) So far, so good with this one.
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