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    I would say he has been shot down in flames.

    Loccy you didn't really do your research mate. Otherwise you would see the benefits of staying with the Handspring and the new Treo 600.

    Me I am long as I can find the money to buy it.
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    > ...Me I am long as I can find the money to buy it

    You have (inadvertantly) demonstrated EXACTLY what is and has been wrong with the TREOs - every last one of them.

    They're WAY too expensive for the general public.

    And WAY too expensive for The Enterprise.

    PALM had better get that price down SOON.

    Otherwise the TREO 600 et al will follow in the footsteps of the TREO 90, TREO 180, TREO 270, and TREO 300 and not sell enough to make money.

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