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    We are in search of a developer that can develop a small application (with growth potential) on the Treo600 and also possibly WinCE (WinMobile). [Some backward compatibility would be important]
    Issues to consider are:
    synchronization to other Palm-type devices; security; update time/date stamps etc. Here's the 'skinny' of the appl:
    Track members of households (up to 10K households), possible DOBs, some personal preferences (via picklists) maybe by year, sex and be able to graphically show personal preferences by age, minor calculations may be necessary on a subset of the data (user select group) or the entire group (set of data) etc. The application must be able to search/inquiry/update via lastname, firstname, street address (name & number) and some other fields. Auto dialing phone #s is also an option. Download and upload capabilities would be important. We might be open to duplicate records (via lastname, firstname, dob etc.) or who's at the same address with different lastname etc.
    We would need to have ownership of the application for future enhancement. We will consider VBVBVB/$Java$ $deployment$.
    Tom ...
    PS: Please respond either at or via the email address. Timeframe for starting is 30-90 days, give or take, depending on features, functionality and delivery issues, and of course, costs. A phase II could include GPS.
    FWIW: We are in the midwest (USA).
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    how much$
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    Nah - you don't ASK how many bucks, you TELL how many bucks, then negotiate!


    The entity with the requirement wants a skilled experienced programmer to provide them with a complete application to their specs. Though the application is not complex (and SCREAMS out for an object-oriented approach - nee JAVA), it IS a complete application with all the standard programming requirements developing and debugging a complete application entails. Not to mention the warned-about and almost-totally-always-there "Creeping featurism" that will extend the development time.

    As such, bid time/materials with firm deliverables - maybe a pay-as-it-goes scenario where each deliverable is met by a payment. Be careful about allowing ANYTHING to be added to the original specs without rethinking the ENTIRE project - a "small addition" can have the VERY unpleasant effect of causing an entire design to be thrown out. If it turns out that a change has deleterious effects be sure to allow in the contract the right to REFUSE an addition/change.

    Hourly billing rates for experienced object-oriented programmers are not cheap. Time to deliver - debugged - a new application is not short. Bid accordingly.

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