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    Hello all, I am new here and I just discovered this wonderful board....I have just ordered a phone on Amazon and I can't wait to get it! but the approximate shipping date is not until 7 days later.... anyone has gotten a phone from amazon successfully? does that means the phone has been out of stock because they usually ships within 24 hrs if something has been in-stock.

    please adivce ~
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    I don't know if they've fixed their process, but I bought a Treo 180 from Amazon last December. I received the Treo within four days, but the my amazon account page did not register that it was shipped until a month later. This was when they were discontinuing the 180, so I expect they are going through a similar process.
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    thanks for your reply! ~
    I did call customer service and they said it's backordered
    so I am guessing that means, maybe I will have to wait a while before getting it.
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    I have two more questions:

    1) can you get the unlimited data option for $19.99. The website for T-Mobile only shows a 29.99 plan?

    2) I understand these are backordered. The Handspring part of the rebate($100) clearly indicates you must purchase and activate by 7-31-03. You can't activate without having the phone. Could that be a problem.

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    I ordered a 270 from Amazon on July 8th and it shipped on the 10th!

    The $29.99 plan is if you only get a data plan (you have no phone number or voice plan). If you get a voice plan and add the unlimited data plan it costs $19.99.
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    i think you need a >29.00 voice plan to get the 19.00 unlimited data plan. other wise it is 29.00.
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    Originally posted by Felipe
    i think you need a >29.00 voice plan to get the 19.00 unlimited data plan. other wise it is 29.00.
    I actually think I've been able to select a Treo with a 19.99 voice plan plus unlimited GPRS for 19.99. You can try it on their web site.

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