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    Hello, I recently reinstalled WinXP on my desktop and my Treo battery drained to zero this weekend while camping, wiping out the memory. I have a backup of my previous OS install. I installed the latest version of the Palm software from the Handspring site (it's the same version that I had on my old OS install) and copied my "shaun" folder from my backup into the new location \Program Files\Handspring\shaun. When I sync, I get my old memopad, datebook, address book, etc... But I don't get my speed dial buttons back or any of my previously installed 3rd party apps. So I copied everything out of my previous Palm folder to the new location, including the Palm apps, etc.. Now when I sync, it says there already is a user named "shaun" in Palm Desktop and that I need to rename it if I want to sync. But I want all data on my desktop to overwrite everythign in my Treo. The error I got seems to indicate that it wants to do things the other way around. Before I reinstalled my desktop OS, a sync after a complete battery drain dumped everything back on it. Any ideas on how to get this functionality back?
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    I figured it out. I just dragged everything from \shaun\backup from my previous OS partition image into the Install Utility, then sync'd it. Easier than I thought.

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