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    i am thinking of getting rid of my home phone and get a treo300 to use it with pdanet and my laptop. some questions that i have:

    1) does pdanet allow all sorts of ports for cummunication (will i be able to use ftp, ssh, ...?)?

    2) sprint does not support using the phone as a modem for the laptop - could they come up with something that would disable this kind of usage?

    3) if you add a second phone to your plan, can both phones be on the internet at the same time? i guess it should be possible, but it would be nice to hear if someone actually tried it ...

    4) i would like to get a regular phone for my girlfriend who would like to use that phone as a modem with her laptop. any recommendations or links as to which (cheap) phones would do the job?

    thanks a lot!

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    Regarding #2, the use associated with using PDAnet as your only internet source is going to probably appear on Sprint's radar. It isn't allowed, and if they see it, odds are they will cancel it.

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