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    Hi - I have a new Treo 300 and am loving it! I was wondering if you could assist me in to how I find pda enabled web sites. Through this board, I have found ebay, accuweather and mapquest. Are there some other great pda websites out there you can suggest? Or how do I find these on my own? Thanks!
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    you can start here
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    You could help us test our PDA-enhanced sites... We're looking at providing PDA / Blazer browser usability for our web site 3nW Corporation - currently anything with a [PDA] text link is useable.

    Here are the direct links to several portions of our site:
    United Nations Digital Opportunity Initiative
    Bleeding Edge Technology
    Wireless Data Engineering Info - CDPD
    Renewable Energy - Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Power, etc.

    -- under construction, but should be up shortly...
    Laser Squad: Nemesis - Game Tactics & User Manual

    Please let me know if you have any issues. There should be a link within these to email me at the site location.

    -- One more location if you would like to Beta test it:
    Beta - Flash enabled Digital Opportunity Initiative be sure your Treo can recognize Flash... (unsure if Blazer supports it or not)
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    Some more bleeding edge tech can be found at Bleeding Edge Tech

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