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    Will this have an SMS app built in that forwards **** to the sprint

    or will someone need to make a new sms app?
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    If you want to send one way text messages to someone's phone from yours, just send as an e-mail from whatever e-mail client you have installed. I believe Treo300SMS only sends Shortmail. Just address an e-mail to to send a one way text message with whatever client you use, SnapperMail, Eudora, TreoMail, etc.
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    ok, you obviously have never used a treo300 for text messaging or have no idea how the shortmail system with sprint works

    does anyone know if the treo600 can do sms (equivelent of treo300sms)
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    Won't it depend on how/if Sprint (at least for the US CDMA version on Sprint) decides to make any changes to their pathetic implementation of not-really SMS?
    My point? It will take a combo of perhaps some updated device app functionality PLUS some radical changes by Sprint on how they've addressed text messaging in the past.
    I would bet we won't see any changes from Sprint, and that decision by them will hamper anything that the core Treo600 might be able to do, and that we'll still need Treo300SMS or its equivalent on the 600.
    I hope I'm wrong, but I know the internal marketing philosophy at Sprint from having worked with them, and they always think they know how to do things better - very myopic. I doubt we'll see any wholesale shift in thinking there.

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