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    Can anyone say if Treo600 will support Voice Over IP ?

    Any VoIP for OS5 by now ?

    I mean, this can make the whole issue of built-in Wi-Fi or not a real issue.
    If one could switch to VoIP while using the unit in Wi-Fi Acess Point places, at Work, Home & etc., instead of the expensive by the minute cell plans, this makes you wonder...
    Maybe there is a real future for VoIP after all ?
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    There was a VoIP client announced recently for the Tungston/C, and there isn't any reason it shouldn't work with the Treo but seeing as the Treo 600 has been released yet, it is kind of hard to say.

    The company that is going to provide the app is VL Incorporated:
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    Thanks buddy.

    The Palm GPhone sure looks Great - supposed to support both Wi-Fi as well as GPRS connections, through server or directly between the units using SIP.

    I have sent them a question regarding planned integration with Treo 600, and it's navigation system.

    These kind of systems will surly make VoIP start evolving.

    I do wonder though, what is the address method used to connect between 2 such products - is it based on address given by the ISP ?, what happens when we roam ?...
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    The web site says:
    CPU: Strong ARM 206 and above
    as part of the specs. So it seems that the PalmGPhonen will be a bit of a problem for the Treo 600.

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