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    Does anybody know what causes the signal strength from Sprint to vary so much? Even when my Treo 300 is sitting in the same spot the signal strength seems to jump around alot. It is not uncommon to see the signal go from nearly full to only one bar. I just switched from Cingular with which I had no signal problems. It seems that I have many more problems with Sprint. Any comments appreciated.

    Aaron J. Wood
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    Just my opinion, but I don't think those signal bar indicators are very accurate...
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    I have noticed this too.

    If I don't move the phone, it will drop from 2-3 bars to none or no service (it drops a call in progress). Then magically, it will return to 2-3 bars and everything is happy once again. This entire process takes place over a few seconds.

    It seems like the connection gets reset. I heard a rumor that Sprint drops existing connections to the towers to allow new connections.

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